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Created in 1994 in Beijing China, Sherry International, Inc. a small trading company with its roots in the export of industrial laminates and electrical insulation materials to Europe, has evolved into an international import & export company, integrating engineering & technical services with design, manufacturing and marketing.
Since moving its headquarters to New Jersey, USA in 1999, rapid progress has happened to this company. Not only has its products line been expanded from a limited scope at that time to a broad range of products today including mechanical & electric components and finished products. Sherry's market has also expanded from solely Europe at that time to now North & South America which makes up the most important part of Sherry's current business activities. By providing customized design & engineering service, Sherry International, Inc. offers value added service so different from many other trading companies to further expedite process and to ensure quality of entire transaction. In 2005, Sherry International, Inc. was appointed as an exclusive distributor for Pittman & MAE's motors in most of Asian countries. Thus, this import & export business has further enlarged Sherry's existing business. Please click for more information.
- rigid & flexible  laminates, electrical insulation materials, non metal machined & fabricated parts
- castings, forgings, die casting  in grey iron, ductile iron, steel, aluminum etc.
- stamping & stamping assembly parts in different materials
- D.C. & A.C.  D.C. brushless motors, step motors and components
- non standard machined parts in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum etc.
- standard & non standard fasteners
- injection plastic molded parts;
Our team is composed of graduate level engineers in mechanical design & technology with more than 20 years experiences, motor engineers and management teams with 10 20 years experiences, and specialists in international business with 15 20 years experiences and expertise. All are dedicated, aggressive, motivated and knowledgeable in insulation materials, electric components, motors and mechanical industries. Additionally, our sales are stimulated by our sales representative in the USA with more than 30 years sales experience in marketing & sales.
Facing today's fierce competition, it is not the largest companies who will survive under changing conditions, but those who are best at perceiving and adapting to change.
Our team 
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